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Female clients who come in to The Wig Lady are of all colors, ages and backgrounds. As varied as the type of people we see are the various reasons they come in. You have the client who just wants the ease of putting a hair piece on to have a good hair day to the client who has circumstances beyond their control that needs help with a full or partial hairpiece.

Hair loss due to stress, genetic conditions, dialysis, alopecia and other immune disorders, trichotillomania, skin disorders like seborrhea and psoriasis, head trauma due to accidents and burns, heart disease, chemotherapy for cancer treatment and other diseases and physical limitations are just to mention a few.

Sometimes the client comes in with a preconceived idea of what they need. We consult at no obligation the possibilities to achieve what they are wanting and need. We then customize the proper partial or full prosthesis in the size, color and style that is appropriate. There are different options for attachment depending on the client's abilities. Partial pieces can be bonded or clipped on. There are pros and cons to both and that is another thing we go over at the consultation.

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